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Powerful suite of mobile sales tools

Tact is an entirely new, yet instantly familiar, way to sell in the field. It combines the tools you need most into a single, easy-to-use mobile suite with deep Salesforce integration. With Tact, you’ll be a lot more effective every day and your entire company will get a lot more value from your CRM investment.

Increase revenue by 16% from improved sales rep efficiency and productivity

Take Salesforce offline

When your car is your office, you’re at the mercy of the nearest cell tower. Network congestion and latency make many mobile apps slow and clunky. But just as iCloud and Google sync your photos and music, Tact syncs your customer data to your device so you can keep selling even when your cellular signal is bad. If it doesn’t work in airplane mode, it’s not really mobile.

Improve Salesforce adoption company-wide with the best mobile experience and Salesforce integration

Do more with your device

Tact hooks deeply into your device’s hardware — phone, camera, GPS, notifications and more — to help you stay on top of your sales and customers. Power dial your contacts. Snap a photo of a business card. Map out your daily route of customer visits. And get the stats on how much time your prospect spent on each page of your collateral or proposal.

Save sales reps 7.5 hours per week in manual data entry and process-heavy tasks

Track sales activities automatically

Logging your daily work to Salesforce is now as easy as logging your daily workout with a Fitbit. Tact’s dialer, inbox and calendar seamlessly integrate Exchange, Gmail and Salesforce, so you can effortlessly capture your important calls, emails and meetings for CRM activity reporting. Less admin time equals more selling time.

Gain real visibility into your sales activities & pipeline by collecting data naturally

Why people love Tact

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Simple, self-service setup

Salespeople can get setup on their own within minutes. No need to bother your CRM admin or the IT department.

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Businesses love Tact, too

Are you a manager or admin? Improve Salesforce adoption and get better visibility into your business’ sales activity & pipeline. See what sales teams are saying about Tact.

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